Raised Garden


What are Raised Garden Beds?

A Raised Garden Bed is a garden built on top of some type of surface, most likely your soil, but other applications include; gravel, concrete or even a parking lot.  They work great for all types of gardens and whether you are planting herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers or any combination of the above, your plants will love growing in a Raised Garden Bed!

Can you imagine gardening without bending over to plant, trim or pull weeds?  That’s just one of the advantages of Raised Garden Beds.  Besides growing larger and healthier plants, they extend the planting season, reduce the use of poor native or urban contaminated soils and can result in higher yields.  Raised Garden Beds are compatible with Square Foot and Companion Gardening. 

The Raised Garden Beds from Complete Garden Systems are available in many sizes, shapes & height combinations.  They are pre-fabricated and are easily assembled with our exclusive, bolting corner system.

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